5 minutes to a happier life

Happiness is a skill you can build with consistent practice. You have the ability to control how fulfilling your life is!
— Happify

Knowing you are in control of your own happiness is paramount to living a fulfilled life. For me, not every day is good, so I have tools like Happify to help me keep my head on straight. This website and app (highly recommend) always remind me of what's important and help me to keep things in perspective- because hey, nobody's perfect. Sometimes we all need to channel more Bob Marley and just 'don't worry be happy'.

I encourage you to read this infographic and take one piece of information from it. Steal it. Use it. Whatever you do, internalize one thing. Hold on to that idea or concept. Live with it in your head like it's a week before your homie's surprise birthday party...you know, when you're bursting with excitement at the good news you have, but cannot share. Live with it in your heart and decide how best to implement these ideas in your own life. Live with it in your spirit, and go spread happiness to the next person you see. It's contagious. 

Try it for a week, to take one thing from this graphic and turn it into real life. I bet you'll be happier.



Source: http://my.happify.com/hd/science-of-happiness-infographic/?et=ce3e65b6-6d22-496b-90d2-89616fd92cb2