Thanks for being here. I appreciate it! 


I believe each type of photo has unique nuances and intricacies, each of which deserves my full attention. Continuously learning and applying new techniques allows me to better serve you in the end. Using my experience I am able to combine unique aspects of each discipline to tailor a final product to your liking. Thinking and operating only as a wedding photographer, or only as an editorial photographer to me is too closed-minded. Anything can work, you just have to dream it up! In the spirit of progression and fulfillment I happily dedicate myself daily to improving my craft and growing my grab bag of skills! I work even harder to make sure you enjoy working with me. 



BONUS! 5 things you may not know about me:

- I graduated from Washington State University in 2015. Go Cougs!

- I really enjoy playing golf.

- I support all Seattle (pro) sports teams both past and present (RIP Sonics).

- I love coffee.

- I am fluent in Spanish.

*Si habla espanol, por favor mandenme un correo y le dare informacion en espanol.